The Ladies of the Lake “Picnic in the Park” held at the Duck Pond, was a phenomenal success! Important funds were raised for the maintenance and upkeep of the Duck Pond and fun was had by the almost 300 in attendance. We experienced lovely spring weather, a diverse group of goods/experiences to bid on, delicious food/cocktails, and lively music. The Ladies of the Lake Board and all its members thank you for your incredible support. So many people purchased tickets, and we were astounded by the many Supporters! The pandemic was a harsh reminder of how important our green space is to our mental and physical health and certainly made it more important we give our financial help to preserve it. We happily welcome all our new visitors and friends of the Duck Pond, along with our loyal community that has supported our efforts for many years.



Ladies of the Lake & Garden Party Board

Shellie Christman, Nancy Nievera, Erica Fanelli, Carrie Grayson, Sandra Laskowski, Ellie Weiss, Rebecca Galla-Jones

Volunteers & Donors

Misty Miller & Gray Adams, Linda Anthony, Peggy & Gary Allumbaugh, Kyle Ball, Merrill Bachouros, Suzanne Boas, Elly Gray & Andy Bradbury, Rosemary Griesmer & Patrick Brendel, Sally Burge, Dave Christman, Elizabeth Colt, Patrick Davey, Jonathan Derby, Susan & John Euart, Bart Fanelli, Karen Faulk, Hal Grayson, Mandi & Ross Gibson, Caroline & Steve Guitar, Jill Girardeau & Andrew Munro, Marcy Herron, Jackie & Angus Haig, Sally Hoffmann, Marilyn Huffman, Richard Jones, Diana & Kevin Keough, Sue Kinsella, Glee Lamb, Diane Lankford, Eric Varner & Brad Lapin, Jamie Laskowski, Jayne Le Sage, Maureen Lomenick, Melissa & Mac Lowry, Charlotte & Bob Margolin, Tish McDonald & Bill Muller, Jill McKenzie, Mindy McGlaughlin, Megan & Wade Morris, Debbie Moscato, Anthony Nievera, Dee North, Sara Ohmer, Emily & Jason O’Rourke, Jane Panzer, Nancy & Kevin Race, Sue Roberts, Joe Smith, Layne Stabler, Angela Stallings, Josh Weiss